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Just be patient..

Just be patient..

This has been a hard, or even harsh week … As we are all aware, sometimes external occurrences impact heavily on someone’s capability to address issues, build up coherent thinking, let alone analyse properly some tangled information or, as I have tried over here, economics, technology or market issues…

Sometimes things happen around you that leave you astonished, in total bewilderment, and your capacity of being analytical goes bananas.

This is one of those times.. and, as usually happens, it is all about people.

I still cannot make my mind around the fact that the most incredibly stupid people, the most arrogant, the most vulgar and appalling individuals may actually be in any “public” position at all, in any even remotely “decisional” role.

For those amongst you that read this blog frequently, it is quite obvious that I do put a huge importance on the “human factor” in most of the issues, topics or whatever else you want to call what we discuss here. You all know that I truly admire human beings and, at the very same time, I despise some attitudes, ineptitude, blatant silliness or incurable stupidity easily found amongst the so-called elites.

This week has been the zenith of the unbelievable, the Everest of dementia and the elegy of rudeness and arrogance. Some people who, in a decent world, should only sit down and silence in shame for having been unable to do something properly, people that should only beg for pardon for having usurped titles and positions and delivered solely an unjustifiable failure, those inepts have been able to rise to the role of Purifiers, Court and Judge…

I won’t write more, I won’t waste more of my time on this, maybe someone reading these lines has got the full picture and knows about all of this, for the others I apologise for my being slightly absent these days but, believe me, when the World goes this way, you just want to switch off and reach for the Reset button.

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