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The network effect… stand up and walk??? (excerpt)

This is a small excerpt from a recent paper I wrote:

The arise of a digital marketplace and the consolidation of a number of factors from a transient influencer position into a systemic conglomerate have strengthen the idea that, along the digital highways, users are linked by “networks” and no longer by “straight lines”. The impact of networks dynamics over interactions is massive.

During the XX century the possibility of the World (mankind, actually) to shrink and thus augmenting the level of interconnection between constituencies, parts, units has grown exponentially due to a number of factors, all somewhat related to the ability of people to “get in touch” and “share knowledge”. To some extent and as a controversial assumption, also the two major conflicts have risen attention over countries, communities, cultures never approached or considered before. After the end of fighting, the world has been all connected by the necessity to recreate a bearable environment where to live, together.

Interestingly enough, all actions that governments, research institutions and scientists made to increase, in the second half of the century, the capability of controlling others’ communications (for strategic purposes), ended up in creating a widely distributed, albeit rough network of connections and information flows. This was ultimately finalized with the creation of Arpanet, the “archaic” version of the modern Internet.

This ecosystem led to a wealth of studies and papers over the “mathematics of networks” and theories designed to explain the inner workings of such a complex, highly mutable and influenceable environment. Without going into details, one of the most interesting aspects of it all is about the degree of interconnection and so called “separation” amongst the parts of the network. Actually the degree of separation adds up to six steps. Six passages will ideally link each of us to anyone on Earth. Despite the potential extremes of the theory and its full acceptance, the main message here is the fact that relationships amongst parts are no longer linear, but assume a mesh format, a net, a neural scheme of dots (us), nodes (junctions amongst dots), hubs (aggregators of nodes) and gateways amongst hubs and the “small worlds” (defined by connections and interests) inhabiting the Web-Planet. 

Interestingly enough, some people agreed on the “resurrection” function of communities and networks (whichever format they took over time) from a status of disruption, crisis, war or any other mankind hindering conditions.

What about today, then?????

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