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What about using this @#§*$& tech…

It cannot be possible, given the ecosystem outside, given the cultural shift, given the tech expenditure, the workflows, the software, the organisation, given all of the above and all you may think of, that you have always to meet people for a fifteen minute meeting. It happened, guess it was last year, that I had a client in Rome, slightly apprehensive about the engagement we had put together. He called me to organise a meeting at their premises, flew over to Rome, just to hear he couldn’t attend because of some unplanned occurrences. Fine, it happens, no worries, and I love Rome at Springtime, but that hiccup was expensive, time consuming and, most of all, absolutely fruitless.

We could have used a strong videoconf facility.

And, as it seems, it saves a lot of money and pollution. I have to admit I enjoy meeting clients, discussing issues, sorting out problems together in an advertising-like sessions, and at the same time I hate wasting my time, someone’s money and attention to the God of Stupidity. Where’s the point, business-wise, to always meet, meet, discuss, meet again, discuss even further, when some issues may be tackled effectively over alternative communication highways?

Also, for a corporation such as BT, it accounted for a £238 million saving… every little helps…

I leave to you all comments and thoughts about the communication needs of people, the necessity to have multi sensorial interactions, the ability to spot body language signals that necessitate of face to face interaction.. as far as I am concerned, if we have a better way to do things and to have things done than expensively transporting ourselves across the Planet, fine, let’s use ’em!!!

And the time we may gain, let’s spend it with whom we truly like!

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