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Let’s put it this way (part Three)

You cannot be a parent simply because you gave birth, as you are not a priest simply because you got the call, you are not someone simply because you exist and you are not human simply because you belong to humanity. I am afraid the ongoing revolution, the new Hercules’ Pillars, Tom’s Mississippi, at the end is just about this: be a Human Being. A Man. And today you have to be that as you cannot hide behind you pledged ignorance, behind the lack of spare time, behind all those silly excuses but ever so useful as a flea market jumper.

The society as it is going to be defined is a call to action, it is a “We want you!”, a bit to everyone, according to possibility and conscience. This is about the one-almost-two billion of connected people, for the rest..let’s hope Tom Sawyer win.

So far, so good, then, got the message out.

And what about the reaction of the current System? It minimises. Quite often pretty much like Louis XVI did on July 14th 1789, as it seems he wrote on his diary that very day: “No news today”.

It jokes, laughs or write in capital letters (hype) about those part of the revolution that are less painful, less disrupting to its being a system and “people believe that it is undoubtedly true” as Borges said.

Why making quotes? Because is connection of thoughts, of intellects, of ideas which are still in embryo and in needs of growing and being pushed out, since knowing the different will make a new One. Because, today, to reach the heart of a moltitude’s thoughts, the distilled thinking of hundreds of millions life experiences is as complex as switching on a PC and launching a browser. Here is the new borderline of the unknown.

This is utterly dangerous for the current architecture, the present social structure.

Since most of what has been said could not be true altogether, since there is not just one God, since it is possible to live without the superfluous, since in Iraq women were working as IT engineers, since it is not true that the Argentinean bonds were such a great chance, since it is true that cars can use hydrogen and clean energy, since it is true that a chap somewhere built a solar panel that is ever so light and tenfold less expensive than current ones, since it is true when imagination gets the power the World can change. Because when imagination gets the power the Speed of Light grows.

Quite as clear, a complex system does defend its status with a series of antibodies. Unarguably, the future society(ies) will not have (or could not have) any need at all of a large array of intermediaries, lackeys, pretended experts, that population of lazybones that bureaucratise the planet.

We could find money to finance ideas without hitting a bank, we could find homes without going into those blood-sucking agencies, we could find goods, services, opinions, ideas, movements and all that I may want, directly at the source. We could almost be back to an humongous form of barter, in which also the intellect is a good to share.

Mind you, the French revolution, that completely turned upside down the destiny and the concept of democracy, was stirred by some thousands of half illiterate French peasants, whilst the current movement is made by few hundreds of million of decently educated people, the impact could be above devastating.

There is a little problem nonetheless, a tiny winy triviality, a dog in a church, a dropping in Arcadia: the human nature.

Should the people have better knowledge of others, they would learn how hate them.

said Flaiano, again a quote and I am quite afraid to say I do believe it.


Evolution and revolutions have always happened, at any latitude, in times of great inspiration and during the darkest ages of mankind, when culture was the ruler and when ignorance was the queen, from the East to the West, through Time. Great revolutions have always happened.

And, to be fair, things have changed deeply, sometimes radically, yet the unchanged is the human nature, the human being.

Still a “bastard inside”, despite the evidence, constantly gripping his own personal good and satisfaction against the well-being of the many, material and yet with a foot into transcendence, religious and petty, Merchant of Venice and Leonardo Da Vinci.

Perhaps, at the end of it all, the New is only a permutation of what has always been.

So long human beings are alive there will be differences, inequalities and oppositions. Because, as it seems, connectivity amongst differences makes life possible.

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