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One Mother and one Father

On the other hand, it is nice and soothing to know (albeit we knew already) that we have all one Mother and one Father, since some stronger-than-other genetic information made it main_dna.gifthrough the “n” permutations possible and are common to all human beings … and to the happiness of the stupidest people on Earth, those infos came from the very heart of Africa!!!

I love, I truly adore the way stupidity of a certain part of mankind is always put on display.

We all share a planet, most of our culture is permeated and riddled by ever so many different and yet common inputs, and furthermore we really are all brothers and sisters….

Soppy statement for a Monday morning and with an hectic week ahead? Nevermind, it is a nice feeling nonetheless.. and a good reminder for all those bloated buggers around…

I leave it up to you to drill down into the news..do it!

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