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Let’s put it this way (part Two)

What the heck, yes, we are somewhat all Tom Sawyer or, at least, we should be more like that.

That is, third statement: diversity and curiosity are strengths, or at the very least do determine the future.

It comes to my mind that unity does not give out any strength, but it builds up a monolith. Useless memento of the past. A burden.

Nevermind that, I do remember that Tom was some one of a kind, he had qualities that in the “pre-sawyer” era were not even recognised as that: a dreamer, creative, rebellious, brave, unusual and ardent, idealistic, morally integer at the end, open and fond of the unknown. He is witty, of the kind of a motley fool, he is convincing. During Middle Age some have been burned to death, of Tom Sawyers. Long time ago one has been crucified, and today are all considered loonies. Some of them may escape from the asylum and become Steve Jobs, but this is another story.

However, there is no Tom Sawyer without a quest, and there is no Tom Sawyer myth without Huck Finn, without the raft on the river, jumps over fences, eyes wide open with marvel.

The society that is germinating is made by Tom Sawyers, but the same Tom is a composite, as Twain himself states in the preface of his… to his… of his parable:

….Tom Sawyer also, but not from an individual — he is a combination of the characteristics of three boys whom I knew, and therefore belongs to the composite order of architecture.

Elegy of Diversity, unity of diversity to create a new specimen. But it all comes to life if there is some awareness, consciousness, or at least freedom to be conscious.

As of today, consciousness of the creation of a new human being specimen, a “half human and half machine” hybrid, is rather poor, simply because the Speed of Darkness overtakes the Speed of Light quite often. Or, to put it in a different way, fear makes you retreat your hand under the blanket. For most people.

So, we still are at that point of interconnection, collision of diversity in which we do see all aspects, quite real indeed (a sort of an Internet Tao???!?!), pertaining to the negative side, the frightening one, the utterly unacceptable. You see all deviances, and stigmatise behaviours, and we all crucify the new monsters. And, during this Circo Massimo display, we may tend to lose perspective over the fact that all is rapidly changing.

New human tribes are built, and they meet and clash at the edge of a wood that exists only in an AnotherWhen (as Tiziano Sclavi said in a dreamy DylanDog comics), they know each other and exchange information on the best path to take, where are the fundamental on-line goods to sustain existence, and create new frontier outposts of such improbable names that would have made Sergio Leone and John Ford cringe: Google, Flickr, YouTube and others scattered who knows where.

In short, we work at the edge of chaos, that hyper-creative space with loose but present rules nonetheless (otherwise we would have chaos which is paralysis of creation because of a casual hyper-kinetic status), in which several small worlds emerge, and bridges amongst worlds are defined, and in which you wait. With your eyes set to the horizon.

It is almost like clouds clashing into each other in a clear sky, apparently in a casual order and yet following a well define canvass, a weave of hidden energies, manifest winds and invisible streams that allows the single pieces of vapour to form shapes, compositions, watery theories ready to release wander, fear, darkness and burst of lights. Always and everywhere following the idea of an Atto Unico. A solo. Identifiable in its orchestrations and notes, but still unknown in its conclusive melody.

And all of this is called Speed of Light, if the little human being is a Tom Sawyer, or Speed of Darkness if he is a “quaquaraquà” (for definition check for Leonardo Sciascia English translation of “Il giorno della civetta”..)

Mankind, and we fill our mouth saying that beautiful word made by the wind, I divide it into five categories: men, half men, wimps, and (with respect) buggers and then the quaquaraquà….very few men, few half men, and I would happily stop here as far as mankind is about… But no, you go deeper down, to the wimps, which are like toddlers believing they are grownups, monkeys imitating the adults… and even deeper down: the buggers, who are becoming an army….and at the end of it all the quaquaraquà: they should live like ducks in a puddle, since their life has no more meaning and expressivity of that one of ducks… You, who probably are going to frame me on this papers like a Christ, you are a man… You too, said the captain, with a whiff of emotion…

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