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Let’s put it this way (part One)

Let’s put it this way: I am not really convinced that unity is strength…. Quite often unity magnifies the negative that is embedded into the single components…Right, this is quite true if we put “unity” and “strength” under an umbrella of positive expectations.

The Anglo-Saxons would now use that powerful lexical picklock, “so what”, that could really be so aggressive, so hostile, so ultimate..

So what you mean? So what this all has to do with us?

It has to do with us a lot, indeed. Because we are so deeply convinced that all is happening these days, during the last say couple of years, within the global social structure in “good”, intrinsically powerful, ineluctably revolutionary.

We are all interconnected. We are building up a super-conscience (superior, to be precise) upon which structure, found, fuse, mould the future of mankind. Which, whoops, is made by..men.

Let’s start with saying that, should a Light Speed exist, it also exist a Darkness Speed. And quite often the latter is much faster within human conscience, despite any physics law.

So, here we have a couple of interesting items: unity is not always strength (the Positive one, something like Star Wars force..) and also that Light Speed in somewhat overtaken by Darkness Speed, nevermind Alfie Einstein.

Then, what is happening is what? A revolution? An evolution? An ineluctability? A mankind lack of style? All of the above. But there is further, slightly more important stuff to consider.

The cultural approach, the mediatic masterplan, the cultural reduction of the Internet phenomena and electronic society as of today stems, perhaps, from an approach and analytical angle totally askew: it is not about praising interconnectivity to unite in a superior Whole, but should be an Elegy of Diversity!

To face a different reality, fight the unknown, redefine old boundaries or cross and forget the old ones is one of the most frightening occurrences for any given human being, social group or organised living structure.

Today, the billion and half (and growing) human beings connected to the Net are actually doing exactly that, every given day whichever God puts on Earth: exasperate the concept of “boundaries”.

A faceless mass trails Westwards, curious and terrorised at the very same time, pushed forward by that force, that pulse that makes you peek through half open doors, that makes you turn the dark corner, that very pulse that pushed me when I was a toddler to put my hand out from the secure harbour of a blanket and down into the dark chasm between the bed frame and the wall, dwelling and hideaway of obscure presences or golden rewards. Nothing like that, nothing to be found but a little piece of myself, recovered and polished.

tom11.jpgCurious we are, we enlarge boundaries, ready to retreat, to trench on when the discovery is potentially not the materialisation of the expected. And the union of a billion of searches provokes nonetheless, by chance, pure luck or collision, a new picture of reality, of the social structure, of the very future ahead of us. And this happens because not all sailors, not all internauts, not all Argonauts and above and beyond all this not all the Tom Sawyer’s of our time are retreating like wet nestlings under the protective wings of the Past.

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