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Have you seen my brain anywhere?

I have got some bookmarks pointing at crypto technology, I had been involved in analysing and assessing the security infrastructure of some large banks and telecoms, I had people discussing about triple DES, steganography, and other amazing ways of protecting information, companies, secrets, my mum’s recipe for apricot jam, then.. again.. the b@#§%y, desperately stupid humans!!!

THEY LOSE THEIR LAPTOPS!!!! Do come along…

As it has been said in a number of post, it all comes down to the human factor and, apart for the extremes of blatant silliness such as the above, we could also add “thanks God for that!” Still.. the number of stolen laptops is increasing (+18% or something) so, after all, humans are not all stupid, they are victims of baaaaad people, also.. wrong!!

“Although laptop thefts are often an opportunist crime, with thieves striking when the victim’s back is turned or their bag unguarded, security experts are warning that as criminals become more aware of the value of data on poorly protected laptops – which often exceeds any value there may be in selling the device second-hand – more targeted attacks could take place. “

Sensitive information, industrial secrets, market data, whatever, is all in someone’s hands. Nevermind that Mr. Someone hasn’t switched on the brain, on top of the Blackberry… So, most of times, all our nicely put, elegantly organised thoughts around technology impact, evolution, solutions, virtual worlds and so forth may actually be absolutely self-reassuring, auto-referential if we do not put into the equation the Human Variable, which is a totally unpredictable, movable feast! If it weren’t for humans, the World would be such a great place and civilisation could go a long way… cheer up!! We are not perfect as technology would like us to be!!! Or, at least, we are stupid/silly enough and happy about it (see our skills???)!

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  1. May 18, 2007 at 10:46 09

    I have… It was a bit lost, but was still alive, don’t worry 😉

  1. May 26, 2007 at 14:20 25

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