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Surfing surfari, green companies and “apologies for the mess we made”… aka how you dare destroying the Planet????

Back from Munich… final delivery of the web 2.0 strategy study I have been writing for the past six weeks.. all fine, apart from the amount of “typical Munich sausages” I ate.. need some pasta..

However, I have been impressed about the forests I saw before landing, the amount of parks, green and the generally cleanliness of the city (mind you, that was maybe just the area, still it was nice to look at..), and thought that this planet is quite a nice place to inhabit.. snow over the Alps, lakes made by green, blue, turquoise waters, the faraway sea..

I thought about a spell of my life when I was living a bit of the California dream, looking at waves, waxing boards and waiting for sunset to go and ride waves… that was cool, it was distilled freedom, it was me being in touch with Mother Earth and Nature..

Mind you, as it seems my surfboard was a polluting factor, an environmental destroyer, bad, baaaad boy…. BusinessWeek tells about a “green” crusade in the surfing world!!!surfstory_0031.jpg

I found that somewhat weird.

I do appreciate that the use of some materials such as “foam” and its working remains may pollute the planet, and with that incredible amount of business generated by Clark Foam we are witnessing an invasion of surfboards across the Oceans, still.. I like to think that, potentially, there may be other sectors, issues, habits and such hindering our specie.. on the other hand, it is always true that there is a dark side to almost anything..

However there is a huge attention about “being green”… companies of any sort, from utility to IT , are now aware that all their business efforts have contributed to disintegrate the environment and today they pledge for mercy and forgiveness, as a Middle Age sinner, and are willing to pay their due to gain the Starway to Heaven…

I may actually say that I hate crocodile’s tears. And people making money out of all this.

Still.. where’s money, there’s action, so what the heck and do something to clean the house!!!

UPDATE: despite the interest and hype, I heard the Italian government has no incentives or planned ones in the foreseeable  future should you think about investing in “green IT” and the like.. you better check this one out, still, it tells a lot about how high on the agenda is Planet…and the EC is pushing us to reduce CO2 emission to be within Kyoto parameters, as it seems..  gosh..

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