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2.0 and LITO Living Information Technology Organism

The ecosystem outside is everchanging. And this is a fact. The social structure, its nodes and hubs is changing, mutating, constantly. And this is also a fact.

Our life and its components are increasingly interconnected by computers, software, wires and this is another fact. And we love to cache and share part of ourselves with the World. Fact, again.

So, to say the least, what we have here is a complex, evolving system. Alive. Half human and half machine? Not quite, or maybe yes.

Companies such as Microsoft have tagged their new “software” as Live Software, others are creating “living” sites such as these.

We could actually mention that we have a LITO – Living Information Technology Organism. If we try to create “something” that is reacting to mutations, we are also talking about a sensing structure that feels, reacts, reorganises, sends instructions to its terminations, it learns and evolve, constantly. Is alive, then. Constantly upgrading, morphing, merging with the external reality to create another self.

So, it could be the case, for argument’s sake, that there is us in real life, in a physically known dimension and a combined entity with a human mind and an electronic permutation of a body (avatar or not is pointless here) that gives birth and life to dreams, expectations, ideas, contacts, relationships and whatever else. Ready to be moved into the known physical space or not. But nevertheless alive. This is the main differentiator of Web 2.0 environment and the past: 2.0 in a thesaurus could have “alive” in the option list.

UPDATE: by the way, there are no two LITOs alike..

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