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A connected World…supposedly…

As you are all aware, what we are currently experiencing in the last 24 months is a surge of interconnected clusters of people, scattered worldwide in a mixed geography fashion, but segmented and aggregated by needs, styles, and also digital capability, this meaning number of devices, interconnectivity among devices, and connectivity to the super-layer of the Internet.

The more the connections, the more the users, the contents shared, the links opened, basically more connections more “digital blood” flowing. This also meaning money, economic opportunity and/or shift, knowledge distribution, human rights and all the nicest things you may think about.. there is also the dark side, but for once let it go..

Now, do you remember the WiMax thing??? That “thing” covering around 50 km radius with a nice umbrella of high speed connectivity??? The super WiFi??? Got it??? Cool.

As it seems from recent events and articles on italian business daily newspaper, Sole 24 Ore, we are heading towards a protected licenses award mechanism. All major telcos will have the opportunity to play with their financial muscles in a upward bidding process… which means that all small, local operators will not have any possibility to win a licence, that potentially will have to rent out capacity from incumbents and will thus not fully bypass the “last mile” of the incumbent. So much for broadband for all…

Then, considering that WiMax might actually be in direct competition with UMTS wireless connectivity and its high speed evolution HSDPA, should the licences be awarded to incumbent(s), it may actually happen that the less-costly WiMax licence could freeze in someone’s safe until UMTS and Bros. got repaid in full…

That is not a nice scenario, isn’t it?? Let’s hope we (we??) understand the importance of augmenting the nodes of the network…

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