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Just read.. the UK is going to have three magnificent submarines, each with nuclear engines, 97 meters long, around a hundred people on board, totally self-sufficient for 25 years, it can launch nuclear missiles at 1.400 miles… cost?? 2,33 billion, guess British pounds, but Dollars or Euros would not make much difference… it adds up to 7 billion, give or take, say in Euros..

  • With 20 Euros you give vaccines to a child: 350 million sorted out
  • With 1.200 Euros you support a full scale medical precinct: almost 6 million built
  • With 336 Euros you adopt a child (child sponsor: almost 21 million will have care.

Then…. why?

Give me a good one now. No excuses, please.

Nevermind eSociety, just take care of the real one, to begin with.

UPDATE: forgot to mention.. the submarine has been named “Astute”… it sounds like Wile Coyote, astute……you can either laugh or seriously think about the application of lobotomy in some occasions…

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