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Us and Them

It is lunchtime, outside Milan is back to 27° and I have no intention to walk around just to waste some time.. so, got a nice “panino” and a fruit juice from a bar nearby and got back to read some newspapers on line..

Something was “flashing” on my radar screen… on Repubblica, an Italian newspaper, one of the most important and read, its website has a link to a letter of an Italian citizen, living in Rome, that is going bananas because, despite being a “left party” voter, is getting increasingly racist. And this is due to the plethora of daily small and massive crime acts perpetrated by foreign citizen, or people, or whatever you are more comfortable in using.

This makes the pair, today, with the election of a right wing champion at French presidential elections, Monsieur Sarkozy. A stronger France.

The Web is packed full with infos on a new virtual society booming allover the place, we happily talk about the possibility of networking amongst people from any part of the globe.. seems to me that the old joke of an Italian standup comedian is absolutely hot these days:

” I can connect to the speed of light with, say, an aborigine in the middle of Australia. Question is: me and you, aborigine, what the fuck we have to talk about????”

Lots of laughter, cheers from the audience, hands clapping … but tremendously true!!!

We do not know each other, we have not got in our DNA a culture that is curious enough to look at differences as something to learn about and not to fear.. thing is, history says that people get in touch because of dare needs, or more recently because of war and conquer. One of our politician said the Islamic culture is a lesser one….forgetting that when we were playing with swords Arabs were creating math .. however, point is we, generally, don’t care, like or give a toss about anyone but ourselves. And, as it seems, we are desperately ignorant!!!!!

We are not pure, we would like to think we are, but unfortunately we are not.

Yet, there is something else coming into play. Respect.

Both ways.

Us, respect people that are leaving their country to look for a better life, them, respect the new home someone is opening for them. Then, stupids and crooks are everywhere and as such should be treated, nevermind colours, languages or religions. It is that simple.

Dostoewskij wrote about Crime and Punishment. It that simple, really, it is about physics of human relationship: action and reaction. It is that simple.

People that are stating they become racists because of all the bad stuff happenings everyday, they should add they are racists against stupidity, brutality, crime and ignorance. Which is a fair thing to say. Nevermind the origin.

Then, I will still enjoy the best “panino” on the street, done by a guy from Ecuador running the bar downstairs!!!

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