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..beg your pardon…

… but this will be a hectic week, to say the least.. finish off the Web 2.0 analysis and strategic recommendations for a client, tomorrow I will chair a panel at a conference about the new role of CIO, this will be Milan. Have to summarize and prepare a workshop for a client, next Monday in Munich… Will try to keep you posted…

Just a quick one.. on O’Reilly Radar, this was on:

A new “digital divide” today between those who know how to think about search and those who don’t; those who know where the current hot information is being shared, and those who don’t.

The whole article is about Web 2.0 and education.. mind you, as a first step it would be nice to educate people about themselves and the others, then about the Web, then about the Web 2.0, and at the very end about education using other channels on top of schools? teachers? family?

Still, it is a matter of knowing where to go.. back to the “shepherds” concepts of some posts ago…. Something that is pretty scary, or a the very least is “whaat??” is the actual idea of a collective intelligence sprouting from “being sensory enabled”… I am questioning about the collective idea (the majority is not always right, since it may be manipulated by the few..) and the sensor thing is taking into account 1 out of 6.5 billion people.. can’t say that is collective, is partial intelligence. Which is actually born out of common standards, ideas, mental models and such.. thus this may not be called “intelligence” but “herd accepted behavior” , which is boring. Evolution comes from a sparkle of genius and creativity, that cannot be spread all over mankind as a responsibility. Or we are talking something like “grid evolution” for humanity? Lots of small intelligence sparkles unite to create a gigantic light to follow???


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