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A new experience (another one, really???? gosh…)

Do you remember those lovely Peanuts strips, with Schroeder wandering around with a huge sign suggesting that Beethoven’s birthday was almost there? OK, then, you’re oldish, then..

Apart from that, Joost is kind of happening soon!! Everyone will then be able to theoretically design its own TV experience, its own entertainment line-up..

In an interview this morning, Yvette Alberdingkthijm, Joost’s EVP, Content Strategy & Acquisition told us that by the end of May 2007, Joost will be available to everyone.

Isn’t that great news???!??! Then what? Satellite TV is no longer a hit, all the “telecoms-going-to-media” companies are stripping assets and going back to sell capacity, advertising has got a new fairground, and most of the World is going back to take English lessons? Or, again, there will be a stint of freedom that soon will become a new business venture to sell to some media powerhouse and cash in promptly?

Ah, in the meanwhile Italy has lost control of its national telecom, Telecom Italia, that has got now some “conquistadores” from Telefonica de Espana at the helm.. which, incidentally, may actually use its presence in Spanish-speaking countries, and also leverage a customer base of Spanish-speaking expats allover the World, and create contents, use media platforms (Telecom has got a TV in its assets or am I wrong…) and create new revs streams.. and … and.. and… it is a tough game, to envision the future in the Seriously Large Companies League..

Still, nevermind that, in a matter of days we are going to experience another hypermedia world in our lounge.. do you believe me when I tell you I am kind of bored of all this? Is this the reason why every now and then some “classical” item crop out, to remind us about the good ol’ days??? See the Leica camera

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