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Just back, me and Matisse…

Just back… few days off work because of this loooong bank holiday… what I got out from it? A nice tan, lots of carbs that I have to demolish in hard gym sessions and a new busy month ahead..

I had time to evaluate few things (I do generally lie down in the sun, with MP3 on and thoughts wandering..), read a couple of nice interesting articles, again about SecondLife.. this is going to be the hit for 2007 in Italy? I am still puzzled about the idea of a virtual world and a plethora of nice and unchartered territories to explore, and yet it seems that there is a major mistake in all the hype, that is not considering that the majority of people will not even get close to that level of complex interaction, at least not for another generation probably! It is still a stuff that (at least in Italy) does make the press, but there it actually stays!

All the people interacting with virtual worlds are a certain kind of user, that cannot really tagged as “mass”, at the very least tech enthusiast or early adopter… nevermind, we will have a bit of time later to discuss about.. in the meanwhile, SecondLife made art something everchanging, able to mutate at will.. the thing is all about the quality of the will, I guess… you can be anything and anyone you want in virtual worlds but, thanks Whatever, you cannot have skills you do not master in the first of your lives!!!!

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