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European Express leaving on Platform One!!!!

I believe it has been Rifkin that was praising us, European citizen, for the cunning ability we have mastered in balancing a modern, hectic productive lifestyle and the most laidback, culturally rich, friendly and communal living typical of our Continent, all included.

Now, another brick in the wall is set.

I have personally always had something between envy and true admiration for the people traveling aboard the Orient Express, that one pictured in cool, old fashioned novels with a rather sharp, witty and, alas, slightly overweighted detective.. Today it seems that a bunch of European railways operators are creating the pan European elegy to slow-living, this is to say they created a partnership as to increase the usage of trains over chip flights, pleading over the improved experience of traveling by train across Europe.

To be honest, I had to go over to Innsbruck last month, and given the messy air connections, I decided to get over to Austria by train.. From Milan to Innsbruck took me something around six hours but:

I ran over the Eastern Italian countryside, along Garda Lake, through Verona and up over to the Alps, which have been crossed amidst the latest Winter snow and the earliest flowers of Spring, sat along two really nice blond girls (I did act as a perfect gentleman, reading and minding my own business, but the lateral sight was lovely!!!), get off in lovely Innsbruck, straight into the center, thus able to sit down and sip a nice beer in a matter of minutes. (Me)

Now, that was nice.

When I was at Liceo, Italians (but not only..!!!!) where all interested in leaving high school and going backpacking across Europe in Interail (by train!), so now is about time to go back in time and us, affirmed professionals, can enjoy the trip and, yeaaaa, getting the freaking points and nice rewards like we were flying!!! I am 40 and this is the occasion to take away some years, a good helping of rushy mood and start believing that I am not just a productive machine but a human being with some knowledge others may want to leverage! And nevermind the always-on connections, what about the sometimes-off connections????

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