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Can’t believe…

.. what you can actually do in 88 days, apart from becoming utterly curious…

  • You can circumnavigate the Sun, apparently,
  • and you can also visit 14 countries around the World (even more, if you come to that..),
  • and you may want to write a best seller in 88 days,
  • and you can actually change the World in 88 days,
  • or you go crazy because those are the days left to your wedding and you are still a fat cow, no, better, slightly overweight,
  • you can get you book published (is the one above?) in 88 days,

and few other nice bits of creativity.. Ok, I did it back in1985, does that count for anything???

Gosh.. this is really a stupid post.. mind you, Google did help me out on this!!!!!!!!

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