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“Little me”…

There is a “little me” that is always looking through slightly open doors, and he is trying to understand what marvelous things are hiding behind. This “little me” constantly looks forward to moving, exploring, and searching and, after all that, he sits down and appreciates how the entire world is a living organism, ever-changing.

Some irreversible evolutionary steps took place before his eyes, today he knows that there is another little opening in front of him and, lurking inside, “little me” can see another mutation of the world he is living in.

The most challenging thing is actually to understand whether the opening is a long, maybe winding road, but a journey worthwhile its perils or, to his discontent, simply a crack in an already established, pretty solid reality.

There he goes, then, pushing the door wide open to see an immense landscape of unforeseen marvels, and the traveling is joyful and surprising.

“little me” meets with the most incredible beings, some of them remind him of past encounters, others are coming out directly from a book yet unwritten, pure distilled fantasy.

He gazes around, in bewilderment, unable to choose a direction since too many paths are lying in front of him. Then, suddenly, “little me” sits down again, buying time to the frenzy of the discovery, he closes his eyes and, to his surprise, everything dances also in the silky darkness behind his eyes.

A sudden smile, as he understands that discovery is an inner thing, nevermind the colors outside. Now, just now, is about time to start the real wondering about…


Do we really need all this evangelists, shepherds, gatekeepers of the New Arcadia or, better, since it is a discovery, we should act driven by intelligence, curiosity and bravery? Do not let anyone guide your “second life” in eSociety, you have already let someone a bit too far into your “first” one.. !!

PostScriptum: I guess I got a bit fed up with all these people telling everyone else about what to do even in a freaking large, everchanging, unbelievably fragmented cyberworld.. for Whatever’s sake, sometimes entropy and serendipity swap places…. this one is not a post that will make into the history of blogging, but sometimes you also need to let it go, don’t you??

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