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Get a life!! Balanced, please..

This is the exact example about what I was just writing about in the “Little Me” post.. they KNOW HOW to do it!!!

I am not actually saying that they are not, or that all the other great insights into “how to become the next billionaire playing with Flurries” (btw, it is in Italian..) are utter rubbish, faaaar from me, but.. how come that something that has been “business-dignified” since a few months (say) has already been so unbelievably powerful as to create a wealth of experts???

Sounds to me that, so far, someone with a great imagination, a quite above average lateral thinking, and with a good helping of mass psychology attitude, has been able to play nicely and create something interesting, diverting from the usual business logic and leveraging the “untangible effect” that, to be honest, has made capitalism such a great thing (quite hilarious, this one!!!), transforming mere “would be nice but can afford it” needs into “will die without” paranoia… Needs have been artificially made up to sustain a society that was already “content”, discrepancies have been enlarged to multiply the power of “intangibles” and increase their allure over the masses….

Now, it seems that “you won’t really do without” being eSomething.. that is silly, to say the least.. not everyone will need to sell stuff “out of a bad acid trip” in SecondLife, search for the Perfect One in mySpace or play Helmut Newton on Flickr.. outside there is a marvellous sunshine, and Milan, the grottiest European “it-is-a-must” city ever, is almost nice…

Someone said that when you will be able to strike a balance in your life, you should be able to find real happiness, in yourself and with your “surroundings”… does that include my secondlife or do I have to search for a brand new equilibrium???

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