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Did I make myself clear??

This is the new trend in corporate communication strategy!!!

Wired published an article about the potential of “opening” the company dirty clothes box to the public and the effect this may have over company positioning and customer “retention”..

You may have already guessed that I am strongly about men being generally mean, particularly when there is a money matter, so.. did US had to take a strong stand against lies, freaking lies?? From Enron to Iraq we have witnessed a massive flow of blunders.. a system can bear up until a certain point, after which there is a confidence collapse and systemic reactions may become uncontrollable.

Nonetheless, it is rather nice to see top managers (albeit it may actually be their comm department.. ) use stuff and tricks belonging to a new universe to sort out issues that are sprouting from ol’ fashioned  company troubles…

Or, conversely, is it the fact that the World outside is today able to spot a lie, putting together a strong, global conscience via blogs, wikis, social networks et alia, thus forcing even the most reluctant to mold over this state of things?

The Internet has inverted the social physics of information.

Rather true, isn’t it?

Yet, I would like to see it taking up in Italy!!!! We are as waterproof to transparency as a titanium wall…

Have a nice weekend you all, back on Monday!!!

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