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Nevermind BigBrother show tonight, got webTV!!!!

Have you ever been utterly bored at night, with very little drive to scan over your favs sites, let alone to look at standard TV? So is it satellite the answer?? To scream after your girlfriend since she gobbled down the remote to watch mosterhouse/changewife/bigbroterish kind of stuff????

Cheer up, mate!!! Joost is on its way!!! Brand new stuff, top channels, miscellanea of almost everything at the lightening speed of the super-fast Internet connection!!!!!!!!!

Now, wasn’t it worthwhile waisting all that money over that smashing 17″ screen laptop?? Yep yep, you knew….

I am just wandering whether we will never see the sun light again, with all of this happening on a computer screen near you!!!! BUT, since there is BigBrother show tonight, I better get on this Joost thing email listing.. you never know…!!!!!

UPDATE: ended up playing on PS2.. BUT will get my PC back tomorrow,  and we will see a plethora of adventure in cyberspace! Catch you later..

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