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Mankind accelerometer

The World is definitely turning virtual???

Check this one out, social networks everywhere! And this one, from CocaCola, is great!! Seems utter madness, trying to sell virtual coke, for virtual people, with a virtual thirst, BUT it is not about the actual good purchase, but about the EXPERIENCE of being there! Clearly enough, nobody is hitting the coke island to buy anything but the experience of being part of something grand, that is happening just now, somewhere.. It is about TRYING things, is about the rise of a new breed of “peopsumers”, half people and half consumer, able to shift hat accordingly..

Trick is to get “peopsumers” to act and share emotions and the experience according to a kind of scheduled, subtly controlled roadmap… otherwise any business will be absolutely lost in a mayhem of unidentified consumers turning into “people” and sharing what people share amongst peers: themselves, feelings and all. And, gracefully thanking God, this wave of sharing is uncontrollable. Thus may hinder any attempt in moving in any virtual environment in a fruitful, business fashion… So what? Just build up roads, paths, agoras, look at them from above and let peopsumers loose!

Summing up… we get social in a “virtual” way, we are able to share and put in common pieces of ourselves, including emotions and judgments, we suddenly become some kind of schizophrenic beings, half person half consumer (of anything including experience and someone’s private) in any given time, and we run loose in lots of different spaces, new territories, kind of free, uncontrolled. Seemingly.

Yesterday I said that capitalism was building up a short term gain upon its own nemesis (the Web), today I would like to stress that it is a long shot to take before we may witness a total people freedom via electronic avenues and ePlaces.. we have just a rather larger set of opportunities to manifest our peopsumerism.. we are a lot, and connections are faster, challenge for business (controllers) is to adapt to the speed and filter the amount of meaning(full/less??) bytes clashing together…. isn’t it like the new Web 2.0 is a sort of mankind accelerometer??? We are all in, and heading at lightspeed one into the other.. who knows how much good will come out of it?? And, furthermore, there will be someone able to make any gain (long term) from it?? Complexity at its best, and working at the edge of chaos!!!

In the meanwhile, someone is calling all this Freedom. Why not?

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