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and the blogosphere..

… is a US feud, with English as the new Esperanto, right? Badly wrong, apparently!!!

As it was pointed out, 37% of posts are actually in Japanese.


Now that we Italians were getting a decent command of English (sort of.. kind of optimistic today, the sun shines bright…) better go back to “pizza e mandolino”, then…

Something that I should kind of claim paternity about (circa 2002, got the slides, anyone??!!??) is the idea around building a “killing ecosystem” (this post ) rather than looking after a killing application..  seems to me that you cannot build an “ecosystem”, since you are not God, but you may want to think about some sort of “magnetic” attraction amongst parts, bits, “thingies” that may want (eventually) to interact since you have “facilitated” the interaction… now, old chap, you should also consider that the “laws of attractions” may allow a larger “body” to divert a “thingy” from its present state to another one.. electrons like movements… and you thought you had it sorted out, you fool!!!

Bottom line is that the current (known) environment may loose momentum, importance and some bits simply because someone will create a new “magnetic” object…

Google was one, the Web itself was one…

Do not stop questioning yourself.

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