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Busy with an NGO project

Sorry.. being busy to sort out the next steps for this NGO consulting project I am running. It is one most interesting thing, or at the very least is worthwhile, for it is the first time I have to help out someone that is not already filthy rich…

Cannot say a lot about it, confidentiality, but there are few things that hit me whilst reading their information pack.

The first, and most disturbing one, is the fact that if you put together all the orphans, plus all abused children, plus all those involved in underage labour, plus all the others in some distress, you can easily have an entire Europe made by children in needs. Could you figure that out?? The ENTIRE EUROPE MADE OF CHILDREN IN NEEDS!!! WTF…..

End of story.

This is the legacy we leave behind?? Nice inheritance for the World of the next decades, this mess and a planet in gangrene.. a strong proof of wisdom and foresight we gave out, nevermind the intelligence needed to send bytes faster and faster through stupid coloured cables buried into a ditch nearby a road…

Globalisation? A superior World Coscience?? Please, more likely a smelly World necrosis….

When I am faced with this kind of things, I have honestly to force myself to look at “things” as a product of human intelligence. We could open up a debate, endless flows of regrets and sorrowful words, point is we are scraping the barrel of “good excuses” or, better still, we are strategically killing ourselves, since we maintain a far too large difference between the poor and the rich… and, given what we are all saying, that the Web will unite masses of people, don’t you find that we, the capitalists, are actually making money on the weapons that will definetely eliminate us??? Ah, sorry, forgot, if the worst come to the worst we tend to bomb around a bit.. how silly of me..

Gosh, if I am pissed off now..

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