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Shattered…but happy!!!

Gosh.. Monday morning…

I am actually a bit shattered, since I spent the entire weekend on the beach and I am now giving back the Planet all the heat I have accumulated in Liguria’s beaches!! Ok, do not get angry, just jocking!!! (Mind you, I am really boiling now..).

Most important thing, we managed to finally go and register our trademark, the new initiative will have a logo and a name!!

What is it going to be??? Oh, well, some outdoor wear, and the entire spectrum of activities that are coming out from it.. Name??? Not yet, wait until I can post the logo!!

Mind you, all the people reading these pages will have a preferential inroad into an exclusive, numbered, one-shot tshirts production! You may also want to sell it back on EBay, I don’t mind.. Leave me a message, your size and colours, will try to accommodate!

The entire feeling has been pretty weird, I thought about this for a long, long time, I have got the idea about the logo, got the gut feeling about it, and suddenly all accelerated into a logo, a brand that me and my friend Max had to register to springboard the initiative. When we finally received all the documentation, when the logo and the trademark was finally registered, a part of me sat down, relaxed. I did it.

Ok, this is just a small, maybe insignificant step towards nothing, but I finally did something I planned to do for myself, something that was pestering me every night, something that was there to sprout!

Now we will see.. it may end up in nothing, it may end up into a new venture to follow, whatever, but this “whatever” is mine, I created it!!!! Which is great!!!

I will come back today with something more interesting, meaningful, something you all can leverage in your job, life or else, but for now let me enjoy this feeling and watch out, there may be a three letter logo coming to a shop nearby….

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