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Any good at gardening, anybody??

Things to do in SecondLife: fly, look around for silly flurries hiding well-respected, double breasted suit-like types in real life, run after superbly designed female avatars in less-than- a-tshirt outfits (to discover their real name is Billy Joe Jim Bob..) and, trumpets please, design a French Garden!!!

Yep, really!!!

Seems like someone has got the brilliant idea to involve the Residents into a design contest to “pimp my garden” for the new Jardin Des Halles

It all sounds like those ’70s stuff, fantasy has definitely got the power…

You know what this is all about?? Crowdsourcing!! That actually means that you, as a business, say, use your online community to sort out an issue, create a product design or whatever else you may extrapolate from your brain overvalued activity!! It is a bit like doing grid computing, other that you use people instead of machines, or even better, you use a permutation of “homo-machina” to support your endeavors!! Great, isn’t it???? Despite the fact that it is not such a huge change form the factory, it is just cleaner….

OK, it is not all so terrible, still, it is interesting how sometimes you can see at things from different angles, depending on your level of mean.. collaboration, exploitation, who knows….

However, it amazes me how something that is born out of a game-like structure is becoming an interesting working table for professional, companies and creative people all over the world.

It might be even more interesting to acclaim its rise or to praise its fall, depending on whether there will be another attention driver at the horizon, an attempt of controlling creativity (please remember: Nature now has taken the form of the Web, and there is always a way for Nature to manifest its greatness!!!) or if, quite simply, Mankind will be scared at the end..

Yet, check the Gardener’s Game, we may see something beautiful!!!

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