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Gyro theory….!!!

The PA (or Gyro Theory) follow the theory related to the inertial navigation systems which, in simplify terms, a gyro apparatus maintains the direction of the vector upon which is mounted, adapting the movement to the mutation (predefined or random) of the reference system in which it moves.

For instance, a missile with inertial navigation system is able to maintain its route and speed keeping fixed reference points with the ground and the orography it may encounter along its path.

It is thus possible to extrapolate a reference model of some business environment behaviors apt to pinpoint which is the Point of Anchorage (PA) to the marketplace (the flight plan, in essence), the route and speed to follow, and the likely reaction to mutation within the environment the Business is operating in. It is thus very interesting to understand which may be the PA, that is to say the set of values that underpins the company’s performance and its positioning.

Cleary, the company is not only made around the “PA”, but it keeps its equilibrium via the coordinated movement of “satellite values” that, as the gyro rotor, are actually determining its speed and angle as to respond effectively to each and every mutation, and keeping steady and unchanged the first and utmost principle, the PA in fact.

Shifting strategic weight across satellite values impacts and profoundly modify the overall company behavior. It is thus mandatory to know perfectly well the movements of the environment, the strength and applicability of the PA and, if at all possible, the PA sets of the likely competition. There we are…. gyro approach to the markeplace in a time of turbulence… ready to roll???? Keep asking…

By the way, do not look around, the theory is mine, but the inspiration comes from here (needless to explain for the few ones in the know)!!!!!!!!

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