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With Internet, God gave us back the Free Will!!! Nice, but..

I am currently reading an immense amount of info about the new electronic society that is building up.. I say building up since there is still a massive divide, which takes different forms such as broadband availability (an ITU reports states that:

As of the end of 2005, some 166 economies had launched fixedline broadband services)

(mind you, would like to see who’s going to pay for Bb connections instead of food…), or also language (most of the Web is “foreign”, than meaning English is an esperanto-like language), or culture…

Nevermind that, point is that currently everything is shared with everyone.. social networking is giving a boost to complexity theory and takes out from some dusty rooms people that are arguing about separation, analytical algorithms, about social culture expansion, about globalisation of markets and wills…

There is also an interesting side, which has been pointed out (I believe amongst others..) by Business Week in its April, 16th release:

Web Attack
Nastiness online can erupt and go global overnight, and “no comment” doesn’t cut it anymore.


Everyone is “entitled” to have a saying about any potential issue (I am part of that, seemingly…) which is nice and good, as stated we got back some free will on whether accept the pre-cooked food that media are giving us or looking for other explanations, inputs, ideas, whatever.. we are no longer alone in feelings, we are definitely part of a larger party, whichever is the interest or the party itself.. we are no longer misfits!! Lovely.

On the other hand, we may want to argue that the Web is, by its nature, difficult to control in terms of quality (Wikipedia docet) and relies a lot on a “common good” attitude (is that anarchical in its highest format??) which, coming down to human beings, is kind of a scarce commodity..

Are we already at the point to discuss whether free speech is just too much to cope for the World itself? Or it is rather the fact that, when you do open up to “social” there is an humble approach to take in consideration, since you may want to learn from a plethora of sources, comments, feedbacks, and thus the “outguessing the market” is not remotely a viable options any longer?

That is the most important Digital Divide to consider: someone is able to learn from others, someone is convinced to know best… are we back to listening to the “Snake” or we are really able to make the most out of history, knowledge scattered into millions of different brains (connected, as of today), do we really want to start “thinking” again, or we rather have our brains lobotomized? Being in Internet did not bring money to the millions into every company accounts in the early days, being “social” will not inject intelligence into everyone’s mind…

check this one out..

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