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Elegy of Wilfing… do come along!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 This one is superb!! From TimesOnLine:

— Up to 10 million people are addicted to the internet in China. The Government has banned under18s from internet cafés and no new ones may open this year

— Internet addicts in China face drug therapy, acupuncture and mild electric shocks when treated at a military-style boot camp clinic that costs about £650 a month

— In Britain the Priory Clinic said that increasing numbers were suffering addictions to eBay. Some spent thousands on the auction website and said that they would rather be bidding than dating

— A 12-step recovery programme, mimicking that set up by Alcoholics Anonymous, has been drawn up for e-mail addicts

This utter mess was able to generate also a new saying, WILFING, which stands for “What I was looking for”, on top of a generation of lunatics and a bunch of filthy rich psychotherapists……

Have we recently got a bit lost into the randomness of the Web??? Are we getting lost with the 2.0 thing??? Or, what the heck, are we finally hitting the “information overload” someone was blurbing about some time ago???

Given that the Web is increasingly social, we are now relying on social tools to address and focus our attention (delicious, flickr, upcoming, anyone else google included)? The surfers are going crazy to exit the maze with something meaningful, but someone else is organising knowledge path for us…we need shepherds, hopefully not a Good Shepherd (just to quote….), yet we rely on someone’s will to share and light up paths for us.. to get beyond Wilfing are we in dare need of others??? Is the shephed a new Co in San Francisco bay area or, rather, is our community of friends?? Will we rely on the Tribe to sort ourselves out?? Maybe yes, given the increasingly importance of “referrals”.. but this is another story..

Gosh, this web thing is getting so socially complicated… how about some wine and a game of Briscola at the bar down the corner? Now THAT is socialising!!!!!!!!!!!! (provide you know what Briscola is…)

Time to go, almost, and tomorrow I will be swimming, diving and my pc will go to the doctor.. new RAM, new graphics.. new possibilities?????

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