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Found that a little, exclusive bunch of very intelligent and remarkably tasteful people are actually reading my writings… fair point is that a blog should have this purpose, however it is always nice to find that there is a community interested in what you do, say or write…

So, now I have some kind of responsibility!! Great!! Now what? Do we want to move from here to SecondLife and open up something like The Club of Flying Words?? might do that, actually…

OK, news then… if everything is going to plan (which usually does not..) tomorrow at this exact time (and with the help of some complacent public officers..) my dream company will receive the dignity of a logo, a purpose, a life, a mission!!!!! Will let you know, isn’t it always nice when something new happens??

What will I do next?? Oh, for God’s sake, I do not know now, will see tomorrow when I can have something to look at, the sort-of birth certificate in my hand.. then, emotions will lead strategy.. or is it the other way round??

Have I ever told you about the Gyro Strategy?? No??? Bad, too bad..

Check the posts!!!

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