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Got a bit lost, sorry…

Ok, got a bit lost recently..

A few things happens including: a trip over to Dubai, since some people found interesting what I did in my so-called career, thus wanted me there to have a little chat; a trip over to Innsbruck since I am now helping out (trying my best to..) an NGO to evaluate the new 2.0 reality and opportunity to stir emotions and get money for a good cause..

Plus I did took some days off to go over to Tuscany and meet friends, family and some good ideas, since this 2.0 thing is hoovering above my head.. let you know later..

Yet.. I had to understand pretty quickly what Web 2.0 and the lot actually signify for seemingly a lot of people. Found nice and interesting things..

First and foremost, there is not such a thing as a Web 2.0, since we are simply talking of a customer driven, content based e-working table to “be whatever” and “do whatever” we like, and let others know about it, and interact with it, and buy in or it, and have a saying about it, and live within it and lots of other stuff involving “us and them” .. together…

Ok, this is pretty new….

Now, business… this is a “consumer” world, as it seems… Porter’s five forces have taken a blow and there is a winning vector, which is the consumer, the individual.. ever empowered, able to discuss, decide, compare, define… my (my??? ) managers, or at least most of the people that are surrounding me on a daily basis are still thinking that a company does drive the marketplace.. I would argue that the by-far largest revolution that took us a release up (from 1.0 to 2.0) is the definite empowerment of the individual, multiplied by “n” times, which ultimately defines where Company xy has to head nevermind what..

I have got calls from top-notch marketing managers, from top-notch companies asking about this whole phenomena, someone was still blurbing about “something like ssr rsr… RSS!!!” (leaving me in bewilderment about their being still in the market..) (and more so about these guys still having a salary at the end of the month..), or SecondLife, or “YouPube” (not joking… sadly enough..)…

Now, as plenty of sites, articles (e.g…. pure random choice.. http://www.baekdal.com/articles/Branding/second-life-business/) there is no need to get all excited about this entire new universe if you do not master some basics… web marketing, guerrilla marketing, emotional economy, experience economy and so forth..

I have to admit, to most people, companies and enlightened managers, some of my talking, despite being in a blurry, fuzzy logic style format, are like “tears in the rain” and gives in return an accolade of blank, flat-ECG, vacuous eyes kind of life forms..

It is quite difficult to move in a fast-forward format from consolidated strategic (wow..have I been aggressive with wording here?!?) thinking to a more open, flexible, intangible way of considering the outside world? Is this the reason behind the fact that most companies are either putting far too many expectations onto the “virtual” worlds and environments or turning their back with a shrug? Sounds very much like the early days of the Ol’ Internet, isnt’t it??? For all of you that were around an IT or market strategy job placement back in 1995, say 1997, this sounds all very familiar.. and it also sounds very much like the attitude people and markets had in front of mobile communications…

Nevermind, it is all the same story: outside the Pillars of Hercules, nobody would like to go but the braves (at first…), following the “plus ultra” motto… it is, again, a massive discovery of human beings’ boundaries, discover the unknown, open up possibilities.. the world is shrinking? I do open up another one!

Ok, pub talks to many, but instinct suggests me I am not very far from target… so, should this be true,what is more important? The economic value behind anything or the emotional impact of going “plus ultra”??? Almost six million people, doing weird things on SecondLife and spending money on eStuff that cannot be experienced the way we commonly accept, are saying they want to go further.

It is all more important if the entire phenomena is taken in parallel with the theories supporting the social networking ideas, the net tribes construct, and tagging, and blogging and Whatever let me communicate with my peers, however faraway those may be.

Human beings are social, want to be social, want to leave a mark in life, want to manifest the fact that “Kilroy was here“… let them do it, nicely, and all you remain with is just some silly marketing payoffs, not the awareness of an entire world changing before your eyes.

(Some) people are stupid.

Will come back to this at a later stage, will add a few nice links.. end of transmission, for now..

(BTW Dubai is an amazing place, I believe some bits of the future will be created there, still, it seems very much like a DisneyLand for business people… are all dreams coming true at the end?? doubts, doubts..)

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