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Can’t believe…

April 26, 2007 Leave a comment

.. what you can actually do in 88 days, apart from becoming utterly curious…

  • You can circumnavigate the Sun, apparently,
  • and you can also visit 14 countries around the World (even more, if you come to that..),
  • and you may want to write a best seller in 88 days,
  • and you can actually change the World in 88 days,
  • or you go crazy because those are the days left to your wedding and you are still a fat cow, no, better, slightly overweight,
  • you can get you book published (is the one above?) in 88 days,

and few other nice bits of creativity.. Ok, I did it back in1985, does that count for anything???

Gosh.. this is really a stupid post.. mind you, Google did help me out on this!!!!!!!!

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European Express leaving on Platform One!!!!

April 26, 2007 Leave a comment

I believe it has been Rifkin that was praising us, European citizen, for the cunning ability we have mastered in balancing a modern, hectic productive lifestyle and the most laidback, culturally rich, friendly and communal living typical of our Continent, all included.

Now, another brick in the wall is set.

I have personally always had something between envy and true admiration for the people traveling aboard the Orient Express, that one pictured in cool, old fashioned novels with a rather sharp, witty and, alas, slightly overweighted detective.. Today it seems that a bunch of European railways operators are creating the pan European elegy to slow-living, this is to say they created a partnership as to increase the usage of trains over chip flights, pleading over the improved experience of traveling by train across Europe.

To be honest, I had to go over to Innsbruck last month, and given the messy air connections, I decided to get over to Austria by train.. From Milan to Innsbruck took me something around six hours but:

I ran over the Eastern Italian countryside, along Garda Lake, through Verona and up over to the Alps, which have been crossed amidst the latest Winter snow and the earliest flowers of Spring, sat along two really nice blond girls (I did act as a perfect gentleman, reading and minding my own business, but the lateral sight was lovely!!!), get off in lovely Innsbruck, straight into the center, thus able to sit down and sip a nice beer in a matter of minutes. (Me)

Now, that was nice.

When I was at Liceo, Italians (but not only..!!!!) where all interested in leaving high school and going backpacking across Europe in Interail (by train!), so now is about time to go back in time and us, affirmed professionals, can enjoy the trip and, yeaaaa, getting the freaking points and nice rewards like we were flying!!! I am 40 and this is the occasion to take away some years, a good helping of rushy mood and start believing that I am not just a productive machine but a human being with some knowledge others may want to leverage! And nevermind the always-on connections, what about the sometimes-off connections????

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“To be or not to be”.. Who??

April 26, 2007 Leave a comment

I have been wandering countless times about my acting skills, for a couple of reasons: first, I had a few personal occasion (aka girlfriends) to rehearse with and, secondly, I believe I did a marvelous show at a conference some time ago, it was a large theater in Marrakesh that a vendor did rent for a convention.. great stuff..

However, and despite the fact I did enjoy both situations, I believe stepping in front of people may actually be a daunting task for most people.. all eyes on you, you feel like every word weights a ton whilst coming out of our shaky lips, and that bloody spot right on your forehead, hum, what about it????

Need no worry, now!! You can be the Brad Pitt of cyberspace, the De Niro of avatars, and by Jove you will be having your lifetime chance with Paul Verhoeven (ok, this appeals to your “basic instincts” then…)!!! The man will hold auditions on SecondLife….

I have always hated, truly, madly, deeply all reality shows, since I thought those were just a step towards unreality of acting, a showing off for the sake of some mindless mass of people .. now we are actually considering to step quite beyond that event’s horizon I believed was Big Brother, to have virtual actors in a virtual world….

I am puzzled..

But I also believe this is the sign of the changing times, and media most varied will cater for a different need set of a different mankind…

Change happens, someone said (more than once) that also s#@t happens, but that is another story…

So, what do we really need? Escapism from reality, really really that????

Escapism is mental diversion by means of entertainment or recreation, as an “escape” from the perceived unpleasant aspects of daily stress. It can also be used as a term to define the actions people do to try to help feelings of depression or general sadness.

Drugs did (do) the same… how come?

Hide and seek????

April 23, 2007 Leave a comment

We are billions on line, pages are billions and billions, everything is in the “billion” mark.. so, given that you cannot find your people, let’s say, in your cell phonebook since you created absolutely silly albeit untraceable way of disguise them (particularly “those” … friend…), nevermind finding someone barely known over the Web…

Cheer up!!! Spock is here!!! Great name, mind you… (A madman from outerspace with pointed ears??? Getting confused.. elfs are not living in forest and such anymore?? gosh.. bad acid…) HOWEVER, point is that if the worst come to the worst, we may need an elf help also for avatars????

You never know….

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Get a life!! Balanced, please..

April 23, 2007 Leave a comment

This is the exact example about what I was just writing about in the “Little Me” post.. they KNOW HOW to do it!!!

I am not actually saying that they are not, or that all the other great insights into “how to become the next billionaire playing with Flurries” (btw, it is in Italian..) are utter rubbish, faaaar from me, but.. how come that something that has been “business-dignified” since a few months (say) has already been so unbelievably powerful as to create a wealth of experts???

Sounds to me that, so far, someone with a great imagination, a quite above average lateral thinking, and with a good helping of mass psychology attitude, has been able to play nicely and create something interesting, diverting from the usual business logic and leveraging the “untangible effect” that, to be honest, has made capitalism such a great thing (quite hilarious, this one!!!), transforming mere “would be nice but can afford it” needs into “will die without” paranoia… Needs have been artificially made up to sustain a society that was already “content”, discrepancies have been enlarged to multiply the power of “intangibles” and increase their allure over the masses….

Now, it seems that “you won’t really do without” being eSomething.. that is silly, to say the least.. not everyone will need to sell stuff “out of a bad acid trip” in SecondLife, search for the Perfect One in mySpace or play Helmut Newton on Flickr.. outside there is a marvellous sunshine, and Milan, the grottiest European “it-is-a-must” city ever, is almost nice…

Someone said that when you will be able to strike a balance in your life, you should be able to find real happiness, in yourself and with your “surroundings”… does that include my secondlife or do I have to search for a brand new equilibrium???

“Little me”…

April 23, 2007 Leave a comment

There is a “little me” that is always looking through slightly open doors, and he is trying to understand what marvelous things are hiding behind. This “little me” constantly looks forward to moving, exploring, and searching and, after all that, he sits down and appreciates how the entire world is a living organism, ever-changing.

Some irreversible evolutionary steps took place before his eyes, today he knows that there is another little opening in front of him and, lurking inside, “little me” can see another mutation of the world he is living in.

The most challenging thing is actually to understand whether the opening is a long, maybe winding road, but a journey worthwhile its perils or, to his discontent, simply a crack in an already established, pretty solid reality.

There he goes, then, pushing the door wide open to see an immense landscape of unforeseen marvels, and the traveling is joyful and surprising.

“little me” meets with the most incredible beings, some of them remind him of past encounters, others are coming out directly from a book yet unwritten, pure distilled fantasy.

He gazes around, in bewilderment, unable to choose a direction since too many paths are lying in front of him. Then, suddenly, “little me” sits down again, buying time to the frenzy of the discovery, he closes his eyes and, to his surprise, everything dances also in the silky darkness behind his eyes.

A sudden smile, as he understands that discovery is an inner thing, nevermind the colors outside. Now, just now, is about time to start the real wondering about…


Do we really need all this evangelists, shepherds, gatekeepers of the New Arcadia or, better, since it is a discovery, we should act driven by intelligence, curiosity and bravery? Do not let anyone guide your “second life” in eSociety, you have already let someone a bit too far into your “first” one.. !!

PostScriptum: I guess I got a bit fed up with all these people telling everyone else about what to do even in a freaking large, everchanging, unbelievably fragmented cyberworld.. for Whatever’s sake, sometimes entropy and serendipity swap places…. this one is not a post that will make into the history of blogging, but sometimes you also need to let it go, don’t you??

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Did I make myself clear??

April 20, 2007 Leave a comment

This is the new trend in corporate communication strategy!!!

Wired published an article about the potential of “opening” the company dirty clothes box to the public and the effect this may have over company positioning and customer “retention”..

You may have already guessed that I am strongly about men being generally mean, particularly when there is a money matter, so.. did US had to take a strong stand against lies, freaking lies?? From Enron to Iraq we have witnessed a massive flow of blunders.. a system can bear up until a certain point, after which there is a confidence collapse and systemic reactions may become uncontrollable.

Nonetheless, it is rather nice to see top managers (albeit it may actually be their comm department.. ) use stuff and tricks belonging to a new universe to sort out issues that are sprouting from ol’ fashioned  company troubles…

Or, conversely, is it the fact that the World outside is today able to spot a lie, putting together a strong, global conscience via blogs, wikis, social networks et alia, thus forcing even the most reluctant to mold over this state of things?

The Internet has inverted the social physics of information.

Rather true, isn’t it?

Yet, I would like to see it taking up in Italy!!!! We are as waterproof to transparency as a titanium wall…

Have a nice weekend you all, back on Monday!!!