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The Space Council is here!! (almost..)

When I was bit more than a toddler, I started reading massively.. it was my personal way to travel, to imagine, to picture different reality from the one sourrounding me, in a small seaside village in Tuscany (not bad, mind you..)..

So, Malaysian pirates and princesses, canadian adventurers, explorers, african tribes and a lot, a lot more were populating my days, each of them telling me that the world was a much larger, different, interesting, fascinating place than I have ever imagined!! Great!! But not enough…

One day I believe it was my old uncle or my grandpa (apologies to both of you, wherever you may be, for not remembering well..) that bought me three books, all looking pretty much the same, a yellowish cover with some red finishing and weird pictures in the middle of the cardboard front cover..

The author was a never-heard-before bloke, and he was seemingly a scientist, or something, and pretty much a powerhouse on.. space!!! freaking outer space, Mars, Venus, the entire universe, and robots, androids, everything you may think of that wasn’t there (yet) and thus, blimey, stunning attractive to the curious boy I was (am.. apart from the boy thing..).

The old chap was Isaac Asimov, the three books were the David Starr trilogy, the adventures were amazing.. you may have read them or not, yet great stuff…

There was, there, in the books, a planet Earth I was unable to grasp and perceive, all one big place, governed by a Planet Council or something the like, a superior group of wise people, very much concerned about balancing life on little Earth and the exploration and government of the Solar System and the space in general..

Freaking great, for once someone in charge, and capable of doing something barely clever, on top of taking some serious risk (like leaders generally do..) in sorting out the problems bothering the entire Mankind..

Now, it is about today news that 14 major space agencies across the globe are uniting forces and energy to create a pan-national space force to explore and streamline efforts in Space…

It is a weird bunch, including US (almost obviously but not quite..), and Italy, Japan, China, Britain, France, India, Korea, Ukraine, Russia, Canada, Germany, Australia and ESA, the European Space Agency. Old enemies and new born alliances, former super-powers and new-kids-on-the-block….

It is not yet the council old Isaac was telling us about, but it is a nice step and, allow me to say, a little reward for a boy that at the end of the game loved to believe all those pages might eventually turned to be true!!!

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