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Post humans?? …

Weirdly enough.. do you remember that silly, high-schoolish movie about two geeks building up a fab woman via a pc (guess she was Kelly Le Brock.. God bless..)?

Now it seems that post-humans are due anytime soon… or, at least, it seems this is more than a viable options for little, weak humans to overcome the boundaries of biology, the limitation within own synapses and headbutt against evil machines!!

A bunch of highly qualified and skilled humans, including Stephen Hawkins, Bill Joy, Arthur Clarke, and Ray Kurtzweil, are forecasting a nearish future in which human will not only interact with machines, but to some extent will be “participating” to the silicium ecosystem, insofar biomechanical implants will empower some human characteristics (vision, hearing and so forth..).

So, discussion is whether this is an ethic standpoint and whether it can be taken further down the road, as the most aggressive post-humanism scenarios are vaticinating an upload of human brain and “intangibles” (soul? feelings? free will?????) into a machine-led organism, thus overcoming some physical and intellectual limitations and, at the end of the game, death.

Vint Cerf, highly reputed Internet evangelist (despite working in the Google empire..), actually believes the biomechanical enhancements of human functionalities may be ethically and more generally acceptable and applicable without major philosophical implication (such as the Braingate neuro-motorial implant, or the artificial hand developed by an Italian research center) whilst there are more pressing ideological issues for the cognitive mashup “humans-machines”. As he clearly states, we do know how the human body handles and uses external stimulations, whilst we are still quite far away from grasping the inner functioning of human mind…

Yet, it seems that there is very little under the Sun, changes are only in the technology means that modern alchemists are using to find the Philosophical Stone, the source of eternal youth et alia.. stretching beyond our natural boundaries, climbing the sky, browsing the outer space, go down to the infinite small .. all attempts to avoid one, irrefutable truth.. we are just humans. Point.

The rest is speculation, discussion, noble wording out a feeling of inadequacy against the Perfect Unknown.. Still, quite an interesting stuff altogether… Post Humans?? We have to perfect the Current Humans, nevermind the others..

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