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Just to keep going…

Right.. been away for a few days but it was quite worthwhile..

Livigno, in the Valtellina area of Italian Alps, was absolutely wonderful, as it always is this time of the year..

Nice snow, wonderful rides, a few people around but not the holiday crowd we may get in early January.

I got a few days’ lesson with the guys from Madness, the snowboarding school I have been in touch since last year.. this is a great bunch of people, fun to be with and absolutely..well.. MAD!!!

I was teached by Federico, great snowboarder and, apparently, an even better surfer, and at the end of my four days spell I was riding down pretty good..!!

On Wed 7th it was snowing quite hard since early morining, I shoot off the flat by 9am.. all the rides were like covered with 30-40cm of fresh snow.. great!! Absolutely wonderful!!! There were really few people skiing, I had the most amazing time since I was surfing in Tuscany at dawn!!!!

Snowboarding is a strange feeling.. despite the necessary technical skills, the overall sensation is like riding in total freedom, the snow is cracking away and you run down.. a frontside steep turn and your left hand touches the fresh snow and follows the board in its run..

Will post some pictures soon, in the meanwhile I am staring at the walls outside my office window and I am puzzled about the meaning of all this.. is it a huge cashpoint I am joining every morning or is a real, proper, satisfying job???

Lunchtime.. off we go…

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