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..from infra-idiot to ultra-Einstein.. (guess my placement..)

It is very interesting to notice that, using an example quoted in “Artificial Intelligence as a positive and negative factor in global risk” (Bostrom-Cicovich), that the small difference from 0,9994 to 1,0006 would imply “no critical status” or “potential doubling of neutron intensity (taking it from the Fermi nuclear pile experiment in 1942). You all know what this is all about, don’t you???

Now, the issue here is posed against human evolution. Since the critical threshold has been reached sometimes in our past, giving mankind the possibility to move from caves to skyscrapers in an evolutionary blink, and considering that the structure of the “creative engine”, aka brain, has evolved slowly, is the magnitude of change caused by an unprecendented level of interactions and information exchange between areas and neurons of our brain never in touch before??

Is the small increment causing such a turmoil of change??? Is it another form of Moore’s Law?? Again???

And, more important, there are phenomena that are suggesting that we are heading towards a similar evolutionary ramp up???

Transhumanists do believe that there should be a Singularity, a steep, beyond belief, technology upgrade that will disrupt the linear evolution and growth of mankind. Basically and nicely put, we will arrive at the crossing between “infra-idiot and ultra-Einstein”. I don’t know if I like the idea.

There is a conceptual approach that intrigues me: when approaching AI discussion, there is a strong tendency to put in the image of hyper-powerful hardware as a boosting factor, rather than discussing and appreciating what Intelligence is. This all comes down to the importance of the “soft” side of the intelligence, the most “intangible” compared to the hardwired components, clearly more measurable. Quote “improvements in understanding are harder to report on, and therefore are less reported”. How true this is!!!

We tend to “humanise” items, made them “visible” in a tri-dimensional space….powerful hardware is brute force, ruthless processing of unintelligible permutations to create a complex ecosystem, so utterly entangled that is comprehensible (computable) only by an even more powerful hardware. Is an exponential Gordian knot of perceived intelligence? Is Singularity acting as Alexander, cutting through complexity to drive a totally new space of perception? Interestingly enough, Moore’s Law comes into the plot, allowing us to tie Gordian knots faster and in more intricate fashion without evident understanding (albeit details and knowledge limit the extent of “possible”).

This is a worrying conditions, as we may be so very close to a “critical” status, on a threshold of unparalleled growth, and still we are set apart from fully exploiting it by a missing piece of knowledge, what is all about this soft side of intelligence…

Are we talking “soul” here?

OK, need to revise a couple of things, discussion is open..

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  1. July 23, 2007 at 22:04 36

    Very interesting site… I wish I could write like you! Miky

  2. July 24, 2007 at 07:35 17

    Thank you very much indeed, Miky, hope to keep in touch!!!

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