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… it is finally March!!!

Don’t you feel like March is a nice thing to see on a calendar? It is always, and I mean it, always nice to turn to the agenda, to anything and see the magic word.. rebirthing is a fact, here..

Do you happen to feel like walking instead of closing yourself up in a metalic, stinky box with other people or just a massively pissed off “you”, and look around in bewilderment of nice pinky flowers?? Is it pure madness, since I don’t digest nicely coloured pills for lunch..

Still, I am looking outside the office window and, apart for the grimy rooftops, I can see light, and it is past 5pm… feel like.. feel like something that brings me back to years and years ago, when “possibility” was the beloved daughter of “unknown”, “rich” was sprouting from “pennyless”… is it really true then that the most important factor in human’s life is not fulfilling dreams but having something to dream about??

Gosh, guess I should get a life.

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