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Back to basics…

This is almost unbelievable..we are back again to the old issues about the Italians being absolutely unable to run a smooth goverment spell for more than a few months.. this time is almost beyond acceptance.. the left coalition went burst for a sort of ideologic pub-like squabble over the fact that United States claimed a larger military base in the North of Italy, and also about the opportunity to keep on running military operations in Afganistan..

Now, should we discuss in a pub about all of the above, fine, I will be more than happy to have all US military forces out of the Italian territory and the Italian soldiers back to Italy, this for a number of reason we may want to talk about at a later stage…

BUT we are not in a pub and we are not only dealing with OUR ethic (in Italian politics? Ethic? Oh, do come along…) but with the hugher interest of the entire country …. this meaning that NOW the priority should be on government confidence and trust building “exercise”, reinforcement of the seemingly rebirthing economy, creation of a sort of national pride, a ramp up in wealth production and such trivial issues…

THEN, AFTER we all have a country as such, we can potentially talk about US, and why on Earth we should be still allied and this sort of nice and amusing questions… as of today, the left government is dire risk to give the ENTIRE country back to the right leaning parties, which incidentally, just to keep focused, would love to french kiss all the US Bush administration (how disgusting an image is needless to say..). So, to sum up, just because a couple of members of the upper chamber would like to keep their ethical, leftish verginity and say “bugger off” to Bush, the US and the entire NATO, they voted against the Government, and the final result may actually be that the end game would be worste than the outcome they wanted to fight..

Now, this is pure genius or what????

All of this just to keep the comment at basic level, without slipping into plots, doubts, the Vatican and the US alongside to fight against the Reds and such silly (really???) things…

For God’s sake, pull me off from here..

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