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That’s why….

88days is in Milan, today.. mind you, he is quite a lot of his days in Milan, since work is here, home is kind of here (rent) and the rest pretty much the same..

However.. Milan is under a strikingly blue sky, temperature does suggest that Springtime is almost at the doorstep, I am seriously thinking about calling insurance and re-open my contract for the Honda and go back to Tuscany to hit the road, new Arai helmet and the usual black leather..

A friend of mine was blurbing the other day about “serendipity” aka a massive regurgitation of unespected luck..is that why, browsing around to look for infos on a new PC I would like to buy me (I tend to be very indulgent with myself..) I smashed into some guy’s site called Joi Ito?? http://joi.ito.com/ .. ok, fine, you travellers of cyberspace may actually be already aware of the guru status of this Japanese folk, still I found the infos about him quite enlightening.. is that the way the world actually goes outside small brained office people? Is that the way the “Whatever 2.0” is shaping intelligence? Is that incredible thirst for knowledge, experience, maybe coupled with kind of childish entusiasm the source of future hope? It may always be the case, but I feel like today we kind of lost the attitude…

I mean, it seems that there is still an ample scope for playing at the edge of chaos, perceiving rules yet disjointed from a “canvass” structure, follow whenever necessary, deviate when appropriate, re-shape the unshapable…bottom line, is that genius, or rather what happens when you do follow your intuition and passion?? And I am saying “there is still” for very recently I had the impression that “massification” was hot on the menu, and it used to come with “no creative sparkles” as side dish..

Someone (tell you later who..) said that “God, with Internet, gave back free will to mankind”, this may be strongish but ultimately true.. is this the time each of us can be to the very self he was supposed to be, with a large proportion of brain cells and synapsis activated? Am I going to far? Possibly, yes, still it is fascinating that today I can learn, read, exchange opinion, be aware of someone and something I had always wanted to know better or, why not, serendipitously simply look around waiting to see..

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